The Slim Line by Anni Dahms

IMG_6647 ABy Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

It is paradoxical that while half of humanity starves, the other half are overweight.

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It is a paradox we often see these days, reflecting the many and various inequalities of the world. It is a paradox that in this area the world’s inequalities are reflected in many other contexts

No matter how the world’s situation unfolds, we all wish to appear slim and healthy with happiness and quality of life as a key priority.

A study, which was recently conducted in Denmark, showed that almost every other woman is overweight, and the number is steadily increasing.

Obesity is a disease so spread out over the globe, that in 2013 WHO declared obesity to be a global epidemic.

We often use food to reassure our feelings. Therefore, it is good to know yourself and to be happy with who you are, no matter how many times we feel that we make mistakes. Or when we appear less fortunate, or if someone has come into our life and hurt us in one way or another. There are plenty of excuses for using food as solace to sweeten our lives.

I know it so well. Back when i weighed close to 90 kg, I had many excuses for eating or drinking more than was beneficial. After a long day at work, it was relaxing to take a cold beer with my meal. It was gluten free, organic and healthier. My candy was almost always healthy too. The chocolate was Fairtrade, often dark, and the bowl of candy for dessert was filled with nuts and almonds covered in chocolate etc. Usually it had to be refilled every night. When dinner was being prepared, the food was generously tasted as well. After dinner was finished I would often nibble at the leftovers before feeding the dogs. When I was at a restaurant, I felt that such a festive evening should end with a lovely dessert, etc. I could continue endlessly.

My turning point was a dislocated foot and a strong appeal from a good friend to change my lifestyle before something like diabetes came knocking on my door.

Therefore, if you make the decision to lose some weight, it is of utmost importance that you acknowledge, love and accept yourself for being just as you are. My daily morning greeting to my reflection in the mirror is: “Hi Anni, I love you unconditionally, and do the best I can throughout the day.” By making sure to take care of my self and by accepting all kinds of feelings, everything becomes much easier and I resolve my conflicts better – without having to eat.

Look at your habits. During what time of day does it go wrong? My experience is that our blood sugar triggers us mostly in the afternoon, between 3pm – 5pm, where all our strength of character disappears. When you are aware of this, it will be easier to take the right precautions.


Begin by looking at your eating habits. Do you have a tendency to devour your meal. Then start by changing your eating habits. Sit for a little while in front of your plate, say thanks for the lovely food, and slowly begin to eat. Take time to taste each mouthful and eat mindfully. At the first sign of feeling full, put down your knife and fork. Whenever possible, try clean up after you right away.

Should you decide to go on a diet for a period of time, then choose the type of diet that suits you best. Many benefit from the so-called low carb diet, which means that your intake of protein is increased, while the carbohydrates in your diet are reduced.

The majority of us love pasta. A new and exciting pasta is now available to us, and it’s low in calories. It’s called konjac glucomannan, or more commonly known as Shiritaki. It is a water-soluble diet fiber extracted from the root of the konjac plant. It has been used for thousands of years in Asia, and it is popular with those who enjoy healthy-eating.

Shiritaki is sugar-free, full of fibre, and without fat, starch or protein. It is gluten free and contains no wheat. A wonderful thing for those of us thinking of walking the slim line, and it contains 0 calories. It’s available as various types of pasta. Personally, I’m quite fond of it. It has so many advantages. It’s easy to prepare, it has an alkalizing effect on the body and is rich in calcium.

Due to the high fiber content, it aids a healthy digestion and is very well tolerated by people with an irritated and delicate gut. It is really beneficial for people with diabetes, for those who suffer from blood sugar imbalance and also with high cholesterol. It is easy to prepare, 3 – 5 minutes and it’s ready. You can serve it with vegetables, various spices and sauces. Only the imagination sets limits.

No matter which diet you decide to follow, or should you choose to eat less, there are certain rules which are good to follow.

Drink plenty of water, at least 8 – 10 glasses a day.

Be sure to avoid foods that contain sugar, and stay away from all products that are labeled low-fat.

Watch out for white bread and pasta. Avoid milk and cheese.

When you feel hungry in the afternoon, have a few fresh berries and almonds ready. Don’t go for salted nuts and almonds.

Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables. You can prepare them up to a week in advance. Never go grocery shopping while hungry. It’s so easy to put a little extra into your shopping basket.


Always make sure to take a good quality vitamin/mineral tablet.

Chromium is a mineral many people lack. An unstable and a blood sugar too high can be a sign of chromium deficiency. Chromium is a trace mineral, and tiny amounts can be found in green-leaved vegetables, nuts and poultry. Chromium can contribute to reducing your sweet tooth. A new and very exciting Chromium is now available, specially modified to reduce the need for something sweet whilst stabilizing blood sugar. This ensures that you don’t have those up and downs, that those of us who’ve tried an unstable blood sugar know all too well.

This new chromium is composed of organic Chromium Precise mixed with an extract of Chilean Maqui berry. Studies show that it is very helpful to people who wish to lose weight, and it helps ones ability to concentrate. It has been proven that chromium in precise form has a greater tendency to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, up to 10 times more than other forms of chromium, inclusive that found in food. If you suffer from diabetes and choose to take the product, be aware that your medicine may have to be reduced.

You can find an ocean of different slimming products. The market is almost too confusing and is filled with questionable products. Before you decide on using a slimming aid, make sure to carefully check that the product works and isn’t harmful. In my opinion, no slimming aid can replace changing your eating habits.

Konjac, which was mentioned earlier as pasta is also available as a slimming tablet. They are approved by the EU, and have thus been given a blue seal of approval. It can be a great help with your weight loss program.

Bio-Cla is a conjugated linoleic acid, which is known as a fat burner and to help increase muscle mass. It is naturally occuring in beef and dairy products. In my opinion, it is most effective if you simultaneously play sports.

Garcenia cambodia is a fruit which is popularly known for aiding weight loss. It acts as an appetite supressant, while providing a better energy level and a better mood.


Don’t think of it as a “diet”. Instead, think about the fact that from now on you are changing your lifestyle and changing your eating habits in order to create a more healthy, active and happy life.

Be aware that you can choose. Only you can decide, what and how much you put into your mouth.

Don’t exclude all your favorite foods from day 1, as this will never be a success. Allow yourself to down scale slowly and surely, this will make it much easier for you to be able to keep your new eating habits.

For many, myself included, it’s a great help to eat after your blood type. If you don’t know what blood type you are, it would be a good idea to take a blood test. The internet is a good way of finding out which foods best suit your blood type. If you’re thinking that it can’t be done because of family reasons, I can reassure you that there are various books available, providing recipes for the whole family. Even if your family has several bloodtypes, the same food can be eaten, with only a few small changes. One of my favorite cooking books is a small, light and cheap cooking book called, “Food for all bloodtypes – a cooking book for the whole family”. The recipes are without gluten, milk and sugar.

Try not to allow a diet to become a pain. We sometimes follow a diet even though we dislike the food. Drop it, it’s much better to eat a little of everything but just in smaller portions.

Make sure to get enough exercise, depending on your type and abilities. A daily stroll can do wonders.

Healthy and good exercise can contribute to decreasing your appetite, while it feels really good to be doing something good for yourself, and hereby motivating you to eat healthy and to eat less.


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