Which diet? By Anni Dahms

IMG_6647 ABy Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

Never before have experts showered us with so much information, on what we should eat and in what situations. The market is flooded with various forms of diets, in order for us to achieve the perfect life, with the right daily diet and by dieting. Healthy cookbooks are popping up like never before.

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Never before have experts showered us with so much information, on what we should eat and in what situations. The market is flooded with various forms of diets, in order for us to achieve the perfect life, with the right daily diet and by dieting. Healthy cookbooks are popping up like never before. I think that it is wonderful with all this new, delightful information, and I constantly have one of the newest cookbooks lying on my night table which I use for inspiration for the next day(s) meals. Throughout the last 52 or so years, I have been especially interested in the different forms of diets and healthy eating. During all these years there has developed an ocean of various trends. At first we were frightened of fats, next we were frightened by carbohydrates, then came fear of eggs, fear of gluten, fear of sugar, etc. Whatever is modern at the time. There is the Atkin’s Diet, the Paleo diet, the Dukan diet, the “eat after your blood type”, Fodmap, Raw food etc. With great or lesser luck I have followed them all, at one time or another. Right now I have chosen to be on the “diet” that I find is the absolute worst – the one where I must trust myself! It is difficult even with all the background knowledge that I possess. I have chosen to be my own expert, in strategically planning out the diet which I feel and sense makes me feel good right now. Our ears are being heaped full that the experts know what’s best. We allow ourselves to be filled with all sorts of expert knowledge and eventually we forget to trust out gut feeling. If we want to go on a diet, we often choose a certain diet – the one that is popular this moment. A diet in which the weekly magazines describe as being extremely effective, by showing people who have lost a sizeable number of kilos in a short time. Often, we skate over the emotions and feelings that we have about what we put into our mouths. Your body and my body live here and now under different circumstances, and in my opinion a universal recipe for the right diet does not exist. Therefore, I have decided that I would like to pass on to you, the importance of trusting yourself and keeping to the few rules in which you feel suit you best. Read all the literature you like and have energy for, and make your own personal diet from all you have learned. Respect your body’s learning process and begin slowly. If you start radically from one day to another, it is my experience that you end up becoming tired of it and after 3 months you’re back to exactly the same eating habits as before. It is my belief that a diet is only meant to be temporary. When you feel that the diet has brought you to where you want to be, or as close as you deem possible, continue along the beautiful path where your healthy, tasty daily diet is a natural part of your life in order to take care of your body.

Look after your body, you have it your entire life
I consider my body as my temple. I have not always taken care of this temple, rather, I regarded it as a matter of course and didn’t do anything special to maintain it. Over the years I have come to realise that I love this temple for good and for evil, exactly as it is. Like everything else this temple is attacked by the ravages of time, but if it is taken care of, it gets a beautiful patina that can only be experienced and matured with the beautiful touch of the ravages of time.

Our body consists of what we eat, or more correctly, what we absorb. We should be taught this as children, that way we would be spared for a lot of difficulties later in life. In principle, there are no good or bad foods. That which is good for one person, the next person may be allergic to. It’s the difference in quality that is lacking. There can be significant differences in the content of nutrients, depending on where the food is grown and what conditions for growth apply to the fruit or vegetables. We must be aware that what we eat is of good and preferably organic quality. Of course it is good to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. If you opt for the option of living off burgers, eating lots of chips, cakes, candy, lots of alcohol, drinking cola or similar drinks, you can of course choose that lifestyle. Just make sure you keep from complaining, when the bill comes in the form of impaired health. Hurry instead and fix things for the better. It’s never too late to improve your health and wellbeing. Most of us eat much more than we need.

Here are some tricks for eating less:

  • Only allow yourself one single portion on your plate. Stop picking before and after the meal.
  • Eat your meal in peace and quiet. If you’re eating with the family, it is not here reprimands or other criticism should be passed.
  • Before beginning your meal, sit for a short while and look at the food. Give yourself this gift and say thanks for it. Look at it and enjoy the colours and composition of the meal. It is during this process that the digestive enzymes in your mouth will begin to work, ensuring that you break down the meals ingredients and absorb them in the best way. Usually, 1 litre of saliva is formed in the oral cavity. This saliva contains enzymes that start the digestion of your food. Furthermore, there are probiotics on the mucous membranes. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you chew your food properly.
  • You become full more quickly, when you chew slowly than when you devour your food. When you devour your food, perhaps you are also devouring your way through life.
  • At first sign of fullness, put down your knife and fork with the attitude that you are now finished with your meal.
  • If you drink while you eat, try to wait until after your meal to ensure that you aren’t just washing your food down.
  • Ensure that you eating space is arranged nicely, either when you are alone or with a family. Try lighting a candle, it creates a relaxed and soft mood. Make sure that the table is set with everything, so that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the meal in order to fetch salt or something else. I find it unbelievable that after setting the table so many times, we can still forget one thing or another before we eat.
  • The more time we take to relax and to chew the food well, the better our opportunity to develop our healthy sense of feeling for what food is good for us, and which food doesn’t agree with us. Unfortunately it has become more difficult for us adults to feel, however a little practice goes a long way. Our sensing of which food is good for us is often spoiled by foods containing sugar, alcohol, medicine and other stimulants. Luckily we have this feeling deep down somewhere and we just need to exercise it.
  • Eat when you are hungry, but don’t be so hungry that you fall over the first chocolate bar or burger. If you fall for that, then you must know that you’ll quickly be hungry again, and it’s not very practical when it comes to your health or if you wish to lose weight.
  • Make sure you eat good proteins. This helps you to feel full longer. It can be fish, chicken, eggs, etc. Make sure to eat plenty of fresh produce. Find the right places to shop, where you can find products of the best quality.
  • Ensure that you create a variation in your choice of food. Most of us are animals of habit and we eat the same thing again and again. It is exciting to explore new types of food and in this way you receive a better variation of nutrients. Eat plenty of everything green, eg. broccoli, cabbage, wheat grass, barley grass, etc. To help support your blood sugar it is good to eat shellfish, meat, nuts, beans, etc.
  • Make sure that a large portion of your diet is alkaline-forming. In this way you can avoid many degenerative health problems.


  • You must make sure to get the relevant supplements while you’re on a diet. Spirulina is a superfood, and it is one of my favourites whenever I am on a diet. It is a single-celled fresh water plant and is a concentrated source of nutrients. It has been known for many, many years, eg. used by the Aztecs in Mexico about 500 years ago.
  • It is composed of 60% protein, in which all of the 8 essential amino acids are present in a balanced relationship. It is a worthy high quality protein.
    It also contains a lot of vitamins, including the B vitamins and also B12.
    Spirulina thrives in very alkalised water and absorbs alkaline minerals, therefore is has an alkalising effect.
    Studies have shown that if you eat spirulina before meals, you achieve a greater satiety and don’t desire sweet things as much. Therefore, if you are on a strict diet, this can be an ideal supplement.
  • Basica Vital is a neutral tasting mineral powder, that is intended for balancing the acid-base balance. The powder contains alkaline minerals and trace minerals, and can help reduce symptoms like fatigue and exhaustion. You can add the powder into your food or smoothies.
  • Bio-Chromium – ChromoPrecise is a relatively new product, specially targeted for people with diabetes or people with blood sugar problems. There is now a new variant, Bio-Gluco Control, that not only contains ChromoPrecise but also Delphinol, which is extracted from Maqui berries. It should, according to research to be even more effective.
  • It is vital to take good fatty acids, make sure you are getting enough omega 3. You could also opt for various combination products of good quality that have omega 3 – 6 – 7 – 9.

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