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Staff Training Day

In Anni’s Vital Shop we have staff and product trainings two or three times a year and last weekend we had a gathering again at Anni’s with a great professional trainer from Biosym Denmark. The day was spiced up with nice raw vegetarian lunch, raw spaghetti with a bolognese sauce made by a raw food chef and the salads were my creations – my favourite waldorf salad with a lot of healthy celery and walnuts and a fresh thai salad. Not to forget the dessert, a delicious lime avocado cake that was also made with only raw ingredients.

This time I will not give you any recipes but will tell you about the company that gave us the training. Biosym is a special company who’s products our whole staff likes to recommend to our customers. It is a Danish nutraceutical company that has been founded in 1986. They specialise in high quality health food supplements, for example multivitamins, omega fatty acids, Q10 and essential minerals. In their products Biosym is using the latest well tested and the most bioavailable forms of ingredients based on scientific research. The products are suitable for most of our customers, as they are free of the most common allergens, gluten and lactose, artificial colours and preservatives. Several of their products are suitable for vegans also.

The main point that in the products of Biosym make me like them even more is the bioactive ingredients. The bio-availability is not only about the easier absorption of the active ingredients, but how they work in the body after absorbing. This makes it so much easier to recognise the benefits of using a supplement – you really feel it in the body.
One of my top favourite of Biosym’s products is OmniVital. It is a unique combination of adaptogens for energy, endurance and against stress. It contributes to normal functions of the immune system, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, protects the cells against oxidative stress and supports the normal cognitive functions of the body. I take one or two capsules in the morning and I have a day full of energy and power!
Tiina, ANNIs VITAL SHOP Los Boliches