Be Sensible


January ushers in the new year, and is known to be a time when a wide range of promises are made. I have often challenged myself to spend a January without sugar, while others close the bottle tighter.

However, over the years I have noticed that large and rigorous projects are already doomed to fail from the beginning, or are much too difficult for the project to be carried out. I’m born in the sign of Libra, so seeking balance is of great importance to me. I have visited many different cases of extremes on the road to achieving the desired balance.

If you do not have to comply with the absolute elimination diet due to your health, then I recommend the idea to “be sensible”. Instead of destroying a bag of candy in the evening, could you replace the delicacy with a non-white sugar product made from raw pastry or chocolate? Rather than a whole bottle of wine with a meal, could a glass of red wine be sufficient? Instead of 20 hours of extreme exercise with a strict exercise plan, perhaps a walk in nature or yoga and stretching would be more gracious and relaxing.

Radical changes also follow a radical end. January represents the beginning of the new year and naturally the start of new projects too. After all the Christmas feasting a diet is initiated. In addition to a dry January. Sugars and goodies are omitted. The purchase of a season pass to the gym and suffering there for a minimum of five times a week. At the beginning you feel that you have cut off all joyful and nice things from your life and try to get your act together – because it makes you feel better!

In fact, I myself am in favour of constant movement. Although things could certainly go a little more smoothly, so that the mind and body can stand the pace. So that in March we can still continue to say that the new lifestyles are kept. Think about your own lifestyle changes already before Christmas. Could you change the over-eating and mulled wine drinking to a little healthier direction? You could reduce the amount of chocolate and also change it to better quality raw chocolates. This Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day, see if you can spend your free time outside walking. Those of us who live on the Costa del Sol, often take a stroll on the beach on Christmas Eve. It’s the perfect chance to enjoy that magnificent smell of fresh sea air. If the gym is closed, you can still use the terrace at home to do light exercise or yoga, stretching between the ham and the porridge. High-quality red wine with your meal – enjoy the health effects of the grapes with joy and a clear conscience. This gradual descent in everyday life is smoother and makes it easier to hold on to in January. When the change is gradual and balanced, rather than being in one fell swoop from one extreme to another, it is easier to keep.

This January, my new years resolution is a promise to myself, ”everything in moderation, enjoying life and challenging myself.”

A beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Tiina – Anni’s Vital Shop, Los Boliches


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