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The Power of the Mind by Anni Dahms

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By Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

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There is plenty of evidence showing how the mind can have such a strong impact on us. Whether we choose to see life, the challenges, tasks and joys with a light and optimistic mind. Or if we are inclined to viewing things from a darker perspective, expecting and fearing the worst.

I had an accident around 20 years ago, where I tumbled down a long flight of stairs and badly injured my leg. The accident invoked a personal transformation in me. I realised how much I was actually capable of influencing my health and my situation, by changing my MINDSET. Until the accident I thought I must accept the excess 30 kg weight which had slowly crept up on me, and was impacting my health and happiness.

After the accident my leg would not heal, but with the help and efforts of a good friend and my children, I accepted the wake-up call. This accident was destined to happen to me.

I began exercising on an exercise bike. On the first day I could only cycle for a minute, before thinking that I would die of a heart attack.

I changed my diet. I went for a good massage to jumpstart my blood circulation, and slowly increased the daily exercise. After a year, I stepped onto the weighing scales to find there was 30 kg less of me. I have now changed my life values and perceive myself as a YOUNG/OLD, lovely woman, who takes great pleasure in working hard, but at the same time knows how to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures – both great and small. Above is a big contributing factor to why I often choose to challenge people who have negative perceptions of themselves. Whether its age, illness or physical injuries, change these and see what miracles show up in your life.

On a daily basis, I hear how terrible it is to get old. Now one can’t do this, now it hurts here and there. One can’t remember/hear/see, run a marathon etc, etc. Put on some music and picture yourself young. This life is a creative enterprise and is filled with miracles. Of course you have to be realistic but when you are truly motivated, you will find a fantastic inner strength inside of your mind. It’s just waiting to be activated.

You can use the gift of imagination to activate your mind. You can visualise, just as many find great pleasure and strength in prayer and other forms of meditation techniques.
Many surprising and fantastic results are achieved, when you choose to let yourself be led by optimism, trusting life and lovingly positive thinking.


Eating essentially healthy and good food, as well as taking supplements which are good for both mind, body and soul.

Stop polluting your body with toxins from food and drinks. This will make it easier to stop your toxic feelings. When you ensure the health of your many cells, you are helping to create wellbeing, happiness and health.

Watch out for overeating. Some researchers have expressed that when you eat sparingly but healthily, this can contribute to a longer and healthier life. Drink predominantly healthy drinks, e.g. green tea, tea from dandelions, nettles and chamomile which can all be enjoyed with a little honey. If you’re a coffee drinker, make sure that its organic coffee. Drink healthy juices. You could also juice what you like best. Why not mix fruit and vegetables. Control your intake of alcohol. Use essentially organic foods whenever possible.

If you can’t get organic vegetables, then rinse them before juicing to wash away as many surface toxins as possible. There are an immense amount of nutrients in vegetables and fruit, so don’t let yourself be scared if you don’t have the opportunity to use organic.

I am a meat-eater, and I eat a small amount of good quality, organic meat. The animals have hopefully had a good life, so that their stress does not transfer over to my energy. As far as I know, organic meat has a lower concentration of diverse herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. By choosing organic foods, you are doing good for both yourself and your family, ensuring that you don’t get unnecessary toxins from the food. The most important thing is, that you feel content when eating your food, and that you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Also, make sure that your fats consist of healthy fats.

Watch out for fast food. Most manufactured foods contain large doses of salt and sugar, along with a lot of fat. There is a clear connection between inappropriately bad food, illness, negativity and premature aging. Don’t go to extremes with your food. Avoid eating too much canned food, frozen food, food prepared in the microwave or other highly processed food.

Prioritise your cooking. Set time aside on your daily schedule to prepare a delicious meal. A deliciously prepared meal is great joy to see. Your mouth waters, and the healthy digestive secretions immediately begin to work.


I experience that when supplements are used with thoughtfulness and prudence, they can contribute to creating miracles for a better, more fun-filled and healthier life. It can also contribute to the prevention of disease and ease much suffering. Throughout the years, my ears have been filled to the brim that if only I eat healthily, then I don’t need any forms of supplements in order to thrive.

Unfortunately I myself believed this for way too many years. At 27 years of age, I found myself in a situation where I was totally exhausted and didn’t have energy for anything. A colleague whispered in my ear the word Bio-Strath’, and immediately I went to the closest health shop and bought the supplement. From that day forward my path in life changed. I got more energy, was able to complete my studies, look after my children and house, and most importantly I was happy and had a great feeling of well-being.

This kick-started my studies within complimentary medicine also known as supplementation.
I like to call it supplementation, because I still consider the diet to be the most vital foundation in out everyday life. Supplements may never become a substitution for a healthy food diet. However, it is in my opinion along with gradual and extensive experience, that supplements play an important role in promoting our health and preventing many common health problems.

I myself have experienced that when I combine my diet with good supplements, my vitality and quality of life are maintained and strengthened. I have seen the same effect in countless people, who have passed through my life throughout the years.

• E.g. antioxidants help to protect our cells and tissues against environmental toxins, which we are inevitably exposed to in daily life.

• Supplements from plants help to protect us against a huge number of diseases and illnesses.

• Take a good multivitamin/mineral product as a base.

• Healthy fatty acids contain omega-3, these are important both for the heart and blood circulation as well as various forms of inflammation.

• It’s good to take a good combination of the B vitamins. The B vitamins work together with enzymes, thus aiding in the processing of food and producing vital biochemical substances.

• Vitamin C is volatile and may also be taken as a supplement.

• CoQ10 is an antioxidant to which more and more are turning to. Q10 is especially famous for enhancing energy and the hearts muscle function.

• Gingko Biloba is the earths oldest known type of tree, and has become known for enhancing memory and mental functionality. However, if you take blood thinning medication, you should ask your doctor for advice before taking it.

• There are a vast amount of good supplements and more and more come every day. If you are in doubt as to which supplements may benefit you, then I recommend that you choose a good therapist to help you.


• Decide today that you will change your life to become the best you can be.

• Begin the day by looking at yourself in the mirror, morning hair and all. Smile to yourself and say that you love yourself unconditionally. Saying this to myself has often resulted in my bursting out laughing, because I know how I look. A good laugh is definitely not the worst way to start the day.

• Take a good look at your wardrobe. Dress young with happy colours. When I say young, I mean without being provocative. I have a shout-out to many men. Imagine how you would look,
if you switched those endlessly boring, saggy pants with a pair of smart, well-fitted jeans, and coupled with a nice colourful T-shirt. You would look at least 10 years younger. You would feel how it brings the life, youth and the flirt back into your daily life.

• Make it a habit to be spontaneous i your daily life – so things don’t become infinitely predictable. Do things you’ve never done before, things you really think are nice and fun. This makes the blood run in your veins and your mind bubble with joy.

• There are a myriad of easily readable books that can give you inspiration on how to shape the life you want. Hunt for them and select those suit you and your life best.