Iris analysis


There they were, staring right back at me. Two deep blue eyes, twinkling like the ocean on a bright, sunny day. Each and every eye is beautifully unique.

Iridology (iris analysis) is so fascinating to me. The eyes are the windows to your soul, and this lovely individual is allowing me a peek into theirs.

No two eyes are the same. The colour, the type and the patterns belong solely to you. Just like your ears and your fingerprints do.

You may be thinking, “Is this some sort of witchery?”. Nae. You can pack that thought away.
I’m not dancing around a small fire, wearing a magnificent feather headdress. Or adding bats tails and dragon shells into a cauldron of boiling spell stew.

Rather, I have recently been educated on how to use a scientific method for reading information, information that’s right there in front of us all.

A little about the process:
I will take a close up photo of each of your eyes. Perhaps look closer with a loop (magnifying glass). I load the photos onto my laptop, and have them side by side.
I will use my knowledge along with an eye chart, so you will be able to follow the process too.

In this way, we can take look at them together, looking at which weaknesses there may be.
Which things you may be able to improve in order to feel more healthy or even better than you feel now.

We can have a talk about which changes should be made to your diet, lifestyle etc.

Would you like to know the story your eyes are telling?
You’re welcome to contact me at

Hannah – Anni’s Vital Shop, Carrefour, Mijas Costa


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