Like mother, like daughter


I have a 3-year-old daughter and as everyone knows, children learn by imitating their parents. With some things it’s a good thing and with other, well, not so good.

Luckily, as my daughter has seen me taking my supplements, she wants to do it also! She usually comes to sit on my lap and starts saying: “Mommyyy, can I taste your vitamins pleaseeeee, just one!”. Of course I can’t give her my ones, but she has her own collection of children’s vitamins. Now she normally goes to her box of vitamins, takes only two as she’s supposed to, and then comes proudly show them to me.

A few weeks ago I found from work one small pill box and took it home for her and boy she was so happy – her own pill box, just like mommy!!

It’s funny to watch her as she carefully places her vitamins in the pill box and then go to drink from her glass of water. Of course she has to take them with water because I do the same!

I also give her some liquid supplements in her morning almond milk. As she sees me adding them into the milk, she likes to pretend it’s a game and normally goes in to say to her father: “I have to take some medicine cause it hurts my throat”.

I give her few drops of liquid D-vitamin, Bio-Strath and if she has a little cough, I add also Santasapina syrup or crush some “Væk i morgen” tablets.

We like to eat quite a lot of fish but still every now and then I buy her a bottle of lemon or tutti-frutti taste fish oil too. I just have to keep an eye on her, as she likes the taste of it a little bit too much sometimes and knows where it is in the fridge..

Suvi – Anni’s Vital Shop, Los Boliches


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