Sleepless Nights


When choosing the subject of this text, I ended up with some insomnia care tips. Recently, customers with sleeping problems have been passing by my work, in the health food store on almost a daily basis. A good state of alertness is the cornerstone of my life, because it is a big part of my personality, and my outlook on life is to be energetic and active in everyday life.

I’ve heard of insomnia due to a variety of reasons, but some customers do not know how to explain their difficulties in falling asleep or of the early morning hours due to waking up. It is also important to remember that sleeping problems and insomnia are the result of, or a symptom of something deeper. Clearing the underlying reason is really important, especially when you have already tried all your own home remedies and need to stop using powerful sleeping pills. Many people have stress, anxiety, shift work and poor living habits, such as lack of exercise, overeating late at night, or heavy alcohol use can interfere with nighttime sleep.

Exercise has a huge effect on your night sleep. I remember the words of my teacher when I was studying to become a fitness instructor: “Strong muscles cope effectively, but also relax better.” It is for this reason that rest is important, if you wish to actively maintain muscle fitness. I am a morning person, ideally I start my day with either a long walk with our dogs, or a workout in the gym. For those who are groggy in the morning, the vibration of the gym or a fresh breeze in the open can help us to wake up properly. This should help reset your natural sleeping rhythm. In the evening, the body naturally feels tired after a long day, and needs a night-long rest. Those who have sleeping problems should be aware that doing sports late in the evening can give energy, and in that way mess up your sleeping rhythm.

Insomnia is important to take care of, because sleeping ensures that the basic body functions remain normal. High blood pressure, memory impairment, and obesity, among other things, can be the result of poor sleep. Pay attention to your dining rhythm too, as a heavy late dinner can easily backfire and result in insomnia. There are also large fluctuations in blood sugar and this can be a major factor in sleep disorders. It would be advisable to enjoy a number of small meals throughout the day, in which case the need for high quantities of dinner do not arise, and this will help you to keep your blood sugar under better control.

You should also pay attention to enjoying coffee and caffeine-rich beverages. Multi-coffee-lovers says they have trouble falling asleep, but in fact studies have shown caffeine to remain in the body for a long time, hence contributing to a damaged quality of sleep. Furthermore, alcohol like caffeine, acts as a stimulant in the body. So enjoy your coffees and cognacs after lunch, but try to avoid them later in the day to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Often for many of us, the main cause of insomnia seems to be a stressful life situation and other troubles. Although it’s not as simple as giving up worrying about everything despite other people’s reminders. However, there are natural ways in which we can support the body and improve resistance to stress while being able to sleep quietly at the same time.

Vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamins and magnesium play an important role in a stressful life situations. The B vitamins support the nervous system, and magnesium, e.g. relaxing the muscles. Enjoy the effects of the B vitamins and magnesium at breakfast, by taking them before going to bed. That or you can be “refueled” on them throughout the evening, or alternatively by spraying and rubbing magnesium oil into the skin. this technique makes it easily and quickly absorbed by the entire body.

Melatonin, which is produced by the body should begin at dusk, is a natural assistant for sleeping problems. If melatonin secretion is disturbed, the supply of sleep can be difficult. In this case, a high quality melatonin supplement can help. Melatonin tablets are best taken about half an hour before going to bed.

If the cause of insomnia is due to hard stress or depression, the body is often set into overdrive even at bedtime. The ideas in your head will just keep rolling, and sleep is impossible. Hydroxytryptophan, or 5HTP, is responsible for serotonin neurotransmitter production, which in turn affects the body clock rhythm and sleep quality. If you know your sleep problems to be stress related, then 5HTP could be useful for you. It can be consumed alone, or with melatonin at the same time.

Valerian is one of the best-known herbal remedies. It is used to relax and calm your body and mind. Many other natural herbs, such as chamomile and lemon balm also relax, and thus support sleep problems.

My favourite hobby for soothing and relaxing the mind and body is yoga. Calming the nervous system and balancing the body’s vital functions and stretching the muscles in yin yoga is a wonderful counterbalance to the morning gym workout. In addition, the yoga movements help the  body unlock and expand the range of flexibility. I feel that after yoga, sleeping hours will be more easy and I sleep more deeply. And if you enjoy a cup of hot chamomile tea after yoga, a restful night’s sleep is guaranteed!

Sweet Dreams to everyone!

Tiina – Anni’s Vital Shop, Los Boliches


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