Mexico by Anni Dahms

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By Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

Español * English * Dansk * Suomi

By the time La Danesa’s April issue is fresh off the hotpress, I will probably just have arrived at Cancun in Mexico. This will be the beginning of a months vacation.

At this very moment I am enormously excited. My fingers dance across the keys and find it difficult to hit the right letters. There is a well-known phrase, ”he whom travels alone, travels fastest”. Perhaps there is some truth in that. In any case, it is my lot to travel alone and I really enjoy it. By now I have made many trips to Mexico alone. Perhaps this is the reason I often end up chatting with my fellow passengers. We all contain a history and a life, and all have different backgrounds.

The last time I was sitting beside a young Mexican girl, who had just been married to a Frenchman. A large quantity of the journey was spent looking at beautiful pictures from an enormous wedding, and I was told about many wedding traditions, from food to clothes, guests, etc.

I will be collected by my ”heart-friend” in Cancun. After many trips here, I have gradually lived in many places in the area called ’Zona Hotellera’, which is a luxurious area with many hotels located right down by the water. There are extra security guards to protect the tourists, tourists being the populations largest form of income. It is embarrassingly clean everywhere you go.

Architecturally, Cancun is an incredibly beautiful city. It is decorated with many sculptures that tell stories about Cancun’s indigenous people, the Mayans. Every single sculpture has its own special story which fascinates me. Unfortunately they are forgotten almost as quickly as I get them told.

The people that live here in downtown, are predominantly local Mexicans. It is a completely different life than life in ”Zona Hotellera”. The material goods and the truisms that we take for granted, are far from the everyday life that the majority of the population experience, but there is room in your heart.
I know that one of the very first things I will do, once arriving at the apartment, is take my empty 5 litre water bottle and walk down to the local water vending machine. Here I fill my bottle with water from the tap. Water at these vending machines are cheap. Water can quickly become an expensive affair if bought in the various shops.

I bring powedered coral-sand with me. Coral-sand originates from okinawas corals in Japan, and is beneficial not only as a supplement, but for rinsing water from diverse harmful substances too. 1 pack is sufficient for 5 litres of water. Water tastes even better when using this powder, and it has definitely kept me healthy on my travels.

As tradition follows, I will then go and greet my good friends, Angel, who is the baptist church priest, and his wife and their children. I am immensely fascinated by their church, regardless of the fact that the church is a large room. Large open holes replace the windows and these function as windows would, providing a natural breeze of wind which is delightful when it is 30 degrees warm. The service is filled with music and singing, creating such a life affirming atmosphere.

Cancun is very hot, and there are few beaches you are permitted to go to, if you are not staying at one of the hotels. The public beaches are always crammed with many loud people and children.

As lovely as the pulsating life in Cancun feels, just as lovely it feels to move on and out to the peninsula of Yucatan. The journey takes place on the local bus, and it takes around 4 hours. The journey is a little mixed and yet funny experience. The peninsula of Yucatan is a place where I feel time stands still. I care incredibly much for the peninsula, and it is here I totally wind down.

I have been so lucky to live right down by the beach and water, every time I have been here.
This time I will be staying in a teeny tiny house, which lies on an enormous plot of land. There are 5 healthy, strong palm trees by the exit leading directly to the beach.

Supplements for the journey

Many years ago while studying esotheric psychology, we had a class on numerology. My teacher told me that I was a ”sixer.” We found immense fun in this. Back then I worked as a nurse, and the teacher, Gerda, explained that I probably would take more pills than I gave to the patients.

Luckily I didn’t end up chosing allopathic pills, but in contrast the complimetary supplememts which I take a great many of. I feel that they have helped give me an active life full of vitality.

On my journey, my suitcase is filled with supplements, more so than with all other articles.
The supplements and a good book are my highest priorities. E-books just aren’t the same for me.

The supplemtns I take have changed a little in relation to the ones I take on a daily basis.
I have filled medicinal pill boxes for 4 weeks, and in each pill box lies:

• 1 x multivitamin/mineral tablet.

• 2 x Omega-3. I have chosen to take omega-3 in the form of algae instead of from fish oil. I feel that it suits me better than traditional fish oil.

• 3 x vitamin C 1000 mg. I have chosen ones with many bioflavonoids and with a slow absorption rate. This ensures I am covered for vitamin C around the clock.

• 3 x MSM 1000 mg. MSM is a sulphur that provides energy, is good for allergy, pain and arthritis.

• 3 x Astragalus capsules, from the plant astragel. It’s good for the immune system, has an anti-aging effect, gives energy, is good for the heart and blood circulation and helps the kidneys.

• 1 x of my imperitive remembering-pill, it contains i.e. Rhodiola and lecithin.

• 3 x Q10 100 mg, which helps all the cells and especially the mitochondria in the cells, these are the energy factory of the body.

Furthermore, I have brought along my little emergency stash that is a combination of various things.

Since my blood type is O, I am especially prone to mosquito bites. It is as though the mosquitoes are already waiting in the airport for my arrival. This time I hope to cheat them. I have packed extra vitamin B pills, and will also add 300 mg B1(thiamin) daily.

I will be prepared if the food causes stomach discomfort. I love the small street kitchens and have therefore packed a good quantity of probiotics in case there are problems. It is not dangerous to take high doses of probiotics.

In case of influenza or other infections I have brought an extra glass of vitamin C. I am at ease, just knowing it is with me. Of course I am also bringing mosquito cream, both for prevention and treatment. Unfortunately I am not so good at using it, considering the skin also needs to
be covered in a sun factor. Although, I have taken some tablets these weeks up to the trip, tablets that protect the skin from sun. I am naturally a red-head, even though I’m grey now, and have very sensitive skin. Unfortunately a nice tan does not come easily.

I get easily car- and air sick, so I have also packed ginger capsules. I have used ginger for many years, whenever I have had to drive far. They are fantastic at preventing car sickness. They don’t make you drowsy, so you can drive worry free.

With the above, I feel well-equipped to rest and relax, with long walks along the beach in the morning, which is my favorite part of the day.

The beach is completely unspoiled. Birds of all sizes and colours strut by the waters edge. Dogs often run freely on the beach too. They have homes in different places, but are always on the lookout for treats. When the treats are especially good from a specific person, who also happens to be friendly, this can result in them setting up camp around the house.

On my last stay on the peninsula of Yucatan, I stayed not so far from where I will live this time. That time there were 2 big, very beautiful dogs that ’adopted’ me. They knew precisely when I has my morning walk, and knew that I brought food with me.

My friend has told me, that when he went out to the house in order to prepare for our stay, that the dogs had recognised him. This despite it being over a year since our last trip. They came running up to him, and he gave them food of course, and they have settled down outside of the fence. Here they politely and patiently wait and guard between short detours. Other dogs are firmly dissuaded. This is their domain.

It need not be mentioned how much I am looking forward to greeting the other old aquantances, to sitting on their overly covered terraces, drinking beer and eating deep-fried pork rind, whilst the wives ask me how they can lose weight. To saying ”Hola” to the shoppers, and to the children in their school uniforms, who are on their way to and from school. Admiring motorcycle taxis. Here everyone greets each other, and I do not see anyone walking with their mobile phones.

People will probably want to talk about the wall between the USA and Mexico. It is being spoken of a lot nowadays. It makes me so robbed and angry to hear talk of such a wall.

Shirley Maclaine wrote in one of her books: ”When a society begins thinking seperately about the individual, it is the beginning of the end of civilization.”


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