A holiday in Cancun and sinusitis by Anni Dahms

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By Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

Español * English * Dansk * Suomi


My friend is a morning person so at about 4:30 AM, a well-behaved man is standing next to my bed, with a steaming hot cup of coffee in one hand and a plate of eggs, avocado and a little meat in the other.

He knows I love breakfast in bed, so I’m grateful but very sleepy, and eat my early breakfast with humor and a good mood.

After breakfast I quietly sneak over to the door and close it. I manage to sleep for another more hour, but then the peace is over. Now he’s finished working out, so now there is room for me in the training room.

No way out of it – into my workout clothes and up on the bicycle. The door leading out to the balcony is open. There is plenty of nature, even though we are in the middle of Cancun downtown. The trees outside are blooming, the warm breeze causes the curtains to move. Dawn is about to break, the day is new and fresh. I begin a little slowly – after all I am on holiday, but he knows me and comes in, stands next to me and begins cheering me on. I cannot protest or be angry – besides it was him who helped me 20 years ago, with losing almost 30 kg. After cycling comes the step machine, etc. Until I really think I’ve had enough, but then another lovely cup of coffee and a little snack await me.

It is my friend, who does all the cooking. He loves to cook and is an excellent chef, so the morning workout is a good thing.

It’s time for a shower. Taking a bath can be a complicated business, here in the middle of downtown, where everything is ancient and nothing gets changed until it absolutely doesn’t function anymore.

On this morning I turn on the hot water in good time. I have decided to give my hair a red henna cream colour mask. I always use Henna cream colours. It is healthy for the hair and stays in for many a wash.

My friend likes that I have long, red hair. As he wryly remarks, I habitually wander away from him in the supermarkets, so the red hair means that all the expedients know where I am.

After applying the colour to my hair, I wrap a towel around my head. I let the colour sit for the normal 24 minutes. All seems good and I am looking forward to us spending time with Angel, who is the friend of my friend.

After 24 minutes I turn on the tap, but not a drop of water comes out!

In great haste, 2 gigantic bottles of water are bought from the closest supermarket, and with a cold shower under the bottles, I am able to get most of the colour out. My hair is extremely red, almost purple-like, but not much can be done.

Later that day, Angel passes by. He is sick and feeling very poorly.

He has an infection in his sinuses. He is a taxi driver and drives with the airconditioning on all day long. Therefore, it is understandable, but there is also a psychological aspect to the illness, as his wife is pregnant.

Despite many antibiotic injections he is still feeling poorly, going on day 10.

I fetch my little emergency supplies and give him the following:

* Kan jang 4 tablets 3 x daily.

* Urtepensil, which is a combination of 4 different herbs, also 4 tablets 4 x a day.

* C vitamin 1000 mg slow release 3 pieces daily.

* Spenglersan G – German homeopathic remedy for many acute infections, e.g. sinusitis.

He gratefully accepts the medicine. After a short time he is feeling better again.

Angel is 42 years old. He is born Mayan as is his wife. They speak Mayan at home. He is a baptist and very firm in his beliefs. He makes ends meet as a taxi driver, always immacu-ately dressed in a white shirt and black trousers.

In his free time he is studying to become a pastor, and expects to be a pastor in 1 year. He is a happy and cheerful man who spreads lots of joy. As previously mentioned, his wife and he are expecting child number 3 after a 15 year break! They are very excited. They have been told that it is a little girl.

Angel, my friend and myself are to spend the day together. When Angel arrives, he asks if I would like to come to his house and see how his family lives. He has just taken his wife to a final medical checkup.

We decide to pay him a visit. Afterwards we will buy food to bring on our visit to the pastor.

I am hit with culture shock. Angel’s house is located behind another house, in a very modest neighbourhood. He proudly gives us a tour of his home.

The house consists of a room, about 20 m2 and a bathroom, where “only” 4 people currently live. The floor is made from clay. 2 hamachas (hammocks) are hanging, one is where he and his wife sleep, and the other is where his old and weak father-in-law sleeps. Their teenage son who is 15 years old, has taken his hammock down, giving him a little more space to move around. The eldest son has just flown the nest, and is studying music in another far-away town. Everyone sleeps in the same room. The kitchen lies over in a corner and consists of 2 gas stoves, with some open shelves for all the cooking utensils. Although Nelly, his wife, is due to give birth in a couple of weeks and is very uncomfortable – the house is embarrassingly clean.

The water supply consists of water from enormous bottles that they have brought. The father-in-law who spends all day in his hamacha, watches the television hanging on the wall. His hamacha is located by the bathroom for practical reasons. The father-in-law only speaks Mayan and looks at us with marvel. I cherish our lovely musician and comedian, Victor Borge’s words, ”A smile is the shortest distance”.

In the room is a refrigerator and a little square table made from tree, that must have seen better days, many many years ago. The table is covered by a wax cloths in cheerful colours.

The families clothing hangs in a little niche with a curtain pulled across. I wonder how it is possible that Angel is always so handsome and well-dressed, when they have so little space.

A small keyboard stands at the end of the room. This belongs to their 15 year-old son, Kevin. The shelf underneath the keyboard is full of nodes. Kevin is a musical talent, and plays full time in the church on various instruments, although he prefers the keyboard. My friend, who used to be a musician, and has studied music in a famous institute for a period of 5 years, says that Kevin has a natural talent. Kevins greatest wish is to study music in Chicago.

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. Angel is unable to raise money for such an expensive education.

Angel proudly tells us that they expect to build a room upstairs, when he has some time off from school in summer.

I look at the hamacha that both him and his wife share at night. The hamacha is hanging right beside an open window, so they don’t need aircon, a smiling Angel tells us.

A bit curious, I ask how they can make babies in a hamacha. Angel laughs lightly and teaches me that there are other places to make love than in a hamacha!

The nurse in me asks him if they are prepared for the arrival of the baby. He smiles and says, that the little one will sleep with him and Nelly in the hamacha of course. Yes, I think, this is a secure start for the little new human, being able to feel both the fathers and mothers warm bodies, love and heart beats.

While we chat, a tall, handsome elderly man comes by to say hello. He is a former US military officer and heavy alcoholic.

Some years ago Angel helped him up from the side of the pavement, and let him live in a hamacha in his home for 2 months, while he dried out. He has now been sober for a few years and has married a Mexican woman, and bought a house. This is Angel for you, helping whenever there is a need.

Our visit with Angel is over. On the way to the pastor, plenty of chicken and groceries are bought at a street vendor. The owner looks like a movie star, and I wonder what he is doing here. One thing that puzzles me, is the way he constantly looks downwards. I ask the reason for his attitude and am told that he has no legs.

Next stop, the pastor and his family, who live a bit better than Angel. Here, there are tiles on the floor, a large table and a washing machine, granted its in the same room as the kitchen, but the family have a bedroom upstairs. Around the table are 4 beautiful chairs, that allegedly belonged to the Spanish guitar player, Paco de Lucia. My friend bartered the 4 chairs, a brand new washing machine and some other things for the pastors 8 cylinder Dodge bus.

The atmosphere is happy and cheerful at the pastors house. Anything between heaven and earth is discussed. After our visit, we head home. Angel needs to go to work, I am tired and happy with all the different impressions the day has given me.

On May 3, Angel fathered a beautiful, well-made and lovely little girl.


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