Coconut oil for skin

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Virgin Coconut Oil has been a real hit product for a few years now. Trendy and health conscious people fry their veggies in it, take it as it is, or add it to coffee and smoothies.

In addition to internal use, coconut oil has many externally uses too. It is an excellent product for skin and hair care. We at home use it literally for the whole family as it is an excellent product, e.g. on dogs’ paws. Coconut oil is also well suited as a base oil for massage, just as it is or enriched with a few drops of essential oils.

A cosmetologist recommended making a homemade exfoliating cream a few years ago, made from baking soda and virgin olive oil. I was enthusiastic about this advice on evening skin cleansing, and I found out how wonderfully bright, soft and smooth the skin can become. The two raw materials can be modified by adding a few drops of lavender oil, which calms the skin, the mind and facilitates sleep.

I got so excited about skin exfoliating that I researched uses of coconut oil a little bit more, and since then “the home chemist” has manufactured for example, toothpaste and sunscreen. Also, my bathroom has a large bowl of organic coconut oil – just like in the kitchen. Oil can be poured onto the skin as a moisturiser, or under your armpits instead of a deodorant. It can also help to remove water-repellent makeup, can be used for freshening breath by oil pulling or for treating an irritated scalp.

Summer and intense sunshine are now here, and the upcoming issue is an annual problem: how to protect the skin from the sun’s adverse effects? As a dog owner I can not completely escape the sun, because outdoor activities are part of my everyday life. In addition, hiking and commuter cycling will expose the skin to the sun. So sunscreen should be applied.

Sunscreen treatments work on the skin either chemically or physiologically. Chemical UV filters are absorbed into the body and may interfere with an important body’s internal information system, that is, hormone activity. That is why I prefer physiological protection – and I recommend it to others.

For your own sunscreen, you’ll need the following raw materials:

Coconut oil is a nurturing, moisturising and antibacterial oil, which naturally softens the skin. Includes a naturally low sunscreen coefficient.

Olive oil is suitable for sensitive skin, moisture and protection, and provides important antioxidants for skin.

Zinc oxide powder, which is used due to its skin and sun protection properties. It reflects light and effectively absorbs UV and UV-B radiation. As sunscreen it is mechanical, not chemical. In addition, zinc oxide powder has a soothing and drying effect on the skin, it prevents inflammation, treats the skin’s texture and is ideal for the treatment of oily and impure skin.

Essential oils that you can choose according to your taste. However, be careful not to use phototoxic essential oils, such as bergamot, as it may promote skin burns. I like to use relaxing lavender and fresh, refreshing peppermint.

TIP: Lavender’s essential oil is good for soothing sunburns. Mix 3 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel and scoop onto the burnt skin. Also, remember to moisturise the sunburnt skin area well so that your skin recovers more quickly.

Sunscreen Recipe and Preparation Instructions:

1 dl of Virgin Coconut Oil

0.5 dl cold pressed olive oil

2 tbsp zinc oxide powder

Approx 5-10 drops of the essential oils you like

Measure coconut oil in a metal or glass container. Heat the coconut oil in the water vapor over the boiler until it becomes fluid. Add olive oil and zinc oxide powder (two spoonfuls of SPF 20). Be careful not to breathe in the fine powdered zinc powder, as it will go into the lungs. Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oils. Keep in a glass jar with a large opening that makes it easy to take and apply skin. At less than +25 degrees the ointment remains firm, the heat on the pool edge or on the beach makes it fluid.

A warm and relaxing summer for everyone! Remember to protect and treat your skin!

Tiina – Anni’s Vital Shop, Los Boliches


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