Healthy fats for the Brain


The summer has fallen into the Autumn, and in addition to the fresher outdoor air, it is a return to the everyday routine. For me, Autumn is always a time for enthusiasm and new things to start. I have always loved studying and learning new things, because the Fall has always brought new hobbies with it, like sports, music or professional studies.

Here on the Costa del Sol the Winter season begins again, and with it the different centres and colleges start their various activities. In addition, many of us in the workplace are once again activated in the Autumn bustle, as Scandinavians return from their summer holidays to their Spanish homes. Accuracy, concentration and a sharp head are needed when customer service requires promptness and multi-language management.

For new learning and good concentration, a naturally, well-functioning brain is needed. Nowadays, it is known that nerve cell renewal is resembling all other cells in the body, and new nerve connections are constantly being formed. Like the rest of the body, the brain is shaped by our food choices. Therefore, what can be put into your mouth can have a great impact on, e.g. learning, concentration and memory.

There are a number of ways to support the new challenges of Autumn. Two noteworthy things are a well-functioning belly and balanced blood sugar. Colourful vegetables, fruits and berries provide the brain with protective preserves. Proteins are used e.g. as building materials for neurotransmitters. Many different herbs and nutrients support brain activity and blood circulation. Today however, I want to concentrate on healthy fats, and especially on the effects of lecithin.

The brain is mainly composed of fat. When eating unhealthy, depleted, and processed fats, it is clear that the brain does not function as quickly, as it does when enjoying organic and nutritious fats. Unprocessed fats keep the brain running and care for the the nervous system. Excellent sources of good fats include, cold pressed oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish and egg yolk.

I believe that the body will tell each one of us whatsoever it needs. It is important to listen, interpret and act accordingly. On my own, I was startled some time ago when I longed for sunflower seeds for a couple of days to add my breakfast. However, I did not find them at home, so I was able to open my lecithin tub that is made with sunflower lecithin. It tasted delicious with raspberries, yoghurt and cinnamon. The next morning I used it again in my morning breakfast, this time on oatmeal and with blueberries.

In addition to the good, tasty breakfast, I quickly realised the effects of lecithin because I felt energetic as if I had been given a special fuel for the brain – all the laziness that was left behind by the summer was gone. Since that experience, I have been adding the sunflower enthusiastically now on a daily basis in different recipes, e.g, in fruit juice.

In addition to lecithin feeding the brain, it also boosts fat metabolism. It contains useful phospholipids, such as choline and fatty acids, e.g. linolenic acid. Choline helps the fats to migrate into the muscle’s energy source. In addition, it also supports and balances liver function by transporting fat away from the liver. Lecithin can also be warmly recommended for balancing cholesterol levels.

Lecithin could therefore be an excellent addition for anyone who needs a bit of extra support with the Spanish course! 😉

To the new beginnings of autumn, an energetic start and joy! Be sure to listen to your body!

Tiina – Anni’s Vital Shop, Los Boliches

lecitihin 1


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