Sex and impotence

By Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

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Having an active sex life is important; for its health benefits as much as our sense of happiness.
Love, in my opinion, is what makes our sexuality such a great pleasure for our soul. After all, we are all created by sex. It is the root of our existence.
While I’m writing this article, I must occasionally take a break and a deep breath.
To talk so publicly about sexuality, is still a sensitive and tricky subject for many people, even now, in 2017.
I write this article today, because I feel that the subject is a problem for many, yet is often discarded as unimportant, or swept under the rug.

Sex is more important than a lot of people dare to admit. It’s vital that we accept our sexuality, and know that we are worth loving. It is my belief that we must love and be sexually active throughout our entire lives.

There are many benefits to a good sex life, so it’s worth it to make an extra effort to enjoy this creative and passionate power. Which brings us to the subject of the day: Impotence. All men know of impotence. Often it’s a problem that quickly disappears. But if it is a constant problem, then it needs to be addressed, seeing as it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and trauma.

Some of the benefits of a great sex life that are worth mentioning:

  • Sex relieves stress.
  • It burns a lot of calories.
  • It Improves sleep.
  • Helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Increases intimacy between partners by creating joy and a stronger connection.
  • Can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. koen for prostata cancer.

The cause of impotence can be physical and/or psychological

For a man to lose his potency is often a great sorrow. Added to that, to him it may feel as the worst possible thing that could happen to him. Many men, as part of their identity, consider themselves great lovers, and find it important to use that gift to bring joy and pleasure to their women.
If you find yourself impotent, try to talk about it openly with your partner.
To keep seeing the humor in things, rather than tragedy, is also vital. Laughing together can be a great way or releasing a lot of internal tensions.
Be sure to examine your life and see if something is lacking; this may affect your potency.
For instance, do you get enough sleep?
Do you exercise enough?
In that regard, I would like to suggest that, if you choose to increase the amount of exercise you do, choose dancing.
Let your partner dance for you. Dance yourself. And dance together. Dancing provides an amazing amount of energy.

Factors that can have a negative effect on your virility are:

  • Too much alcohol
  • Bad/unhealthy food
  • Too much TV
  • Being stressed, angry, or irritable.

Perhaps there are physical reasons for your impotence like diabetes, or alcoholism. Or perhaps even synthetic medicine is the root cause. Blood thinners and antidepressants, can certainly affect your virility. Problems with the spine can also cause potency problems.
Many urologists believe that upwards of 50 percent of impotence can be traced back to a natural cause.
Just like we change with age, so does our sexuality, but I believe that change should only improve our sex life.
Massage is a wonderful supplement to lovemaking, and doesn’t even need to be a part of the act. You don’t need to be a trained masseuse to give a massage. Let your intuition guide you, and use your hands in a mixture of light strokes and deeper presses. If you would like to know more about massage and its effects, then there is a mountain of books written on the subject. A book, which I myself have learned a lot from, is called “Massage” and is written by Clare Maxwell Hudson. It is an age-old book published by Lindhardt and Ringhof.
Touch is important in all its aspects, even a slight stroke down the arm, a hug, a kiss, a loving look, or a little flirt with the eyes can be very important in daily life, when both of you are too tired, and just can’t manage any more than that.
If intercourse isn’t possible, perhaps due to some natural cause, then there are a variety of other delightful ways to have a great sex life. Your only limit is your imagination.
If you and your partner have been together for many years, it can be a good idea to have some time apart. Perhaps a small vacation to your own favorite location. I also believe that, if it is all possible, it can be beneficial to have sperate bedrooms. That way you can visit each other, or better yet, have a dedicated love room.
In any case, I believe it’s important to have a personal space just for yourself.

The diet and your surroundings

If you and your partner have the possibility to create a dedicated love room, that’s great. I strongly believe that the place where you have sex, should be cozy and comfortable, and feel safe. Without books, newspapers, TV, or cellphones. Keep the lights dimmed, maybe even candlelight and perhaps some soothing music to create the wanted atmosphere.
You may even want to have champagne on ice and a lovely bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers.
Once, when my partner had been traveling and finally returned, I prepared a grand welcome for him. I know that he’s a hopeless romantic. I had flowers, candlelight, champagne, the whole shebang.
When he came and saw the champagne, he asked if he could get a whiskey instead.
I couldn’t hold back my laugh, and luckily found a whiskey in the back of a shelf, and the good mood was restored.

The daily diet and habits

A better potency can be achieved by following few very simple health routines.
It is important to eat lots of vegetables, olive oil, lots of fish, nuts, and whole wheat products. Be careful with too much red meat; it is not beneficial.
Watch your weight and make sure you get your daily exercise, but you don’t have to be an elite athlete of course. Make sure that your lifestyle is vivifying, without too much stress, and that you get enough sleep.


  • Get your daily vitamins/minerals.
  • Korean red ginseng is known for its healing and strengthening powers. T
  • here are also natural remedies which can help with impotence. Ginkgo Biloba is one of them.
  • L-arginine is known to help in many cases of impotence.
  • Prelox is a world-famous patent supplement, which consists of Taurine, L-arginine, and pycnogenol.
  • Take extra vitamin-A and E. This is good for the entire body. Vitamin-E can significantly increase circulation, and is even called the youth vitamin.
  • An easily absorbable Vitamin-B supplement.
  • Lecithin can have a great impact on the brain and nervous system. A supplement of selenium and zinc could be considered.
  • Pomegranate juice, which also exists in capsule form.



If you and your partner wish for a better sex life, there are many, many good, experienced sexologists out there. Perhaps it would be beneficial to have a chat with one of them, to see if they gain your trust, before proceeding with any further consultations. The sexologist will want to know what made you seek out their counsel, if the problem, for instance, involves feelings like rage or sorrow, and will then give personal guidance in any given situation.
Moreover, there are many wonderful informative books, which can contribute on the subject. Some of the books I strongly recommend are: “The sexual pulse” by Chia et al. and the “The multi orgasmic man” by Chia and Arva.
I also consulted a doctor who specializes in wholistic approaches, and he mentioned that there were many great results with chelation therapy.



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