Natural Health For Pets

For many of us a pet is a family member and they have stolen a large space in our hearts. As any of us humans a pet needs a lot of attention and care too. We need to be sure all it’s needs are fulfilled considering it being an animal and also according to it’s breed. Pets should get enough exercise, balanced diet and also time for relaxing, playing and hobbies.

Today, as I’m writing this article, we’re celebrating Fidel’s 8th birthday. He’s the other one of my dogs. I’m a 100% dog person and volunteer on dog rescuing on my free time and alongside my other professions I’m also a dog masseuse. By having my own dogs I’ve learned a lot about all the natural treatments that dogs can benefit of. During the years they’ve had massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, they’ve been treated with homeopathy, supplements and herbal products.

So, Fidel will be 8 years old today and next week we’ll celebrate his “big brother” Nero’s 9th birthday.
Both of my boys are starting to have a real man’s age. Like us humans, dogs show some symptoms of ageing and that’s why both “grandpas” get daily supplementation for their basic condition and joint health.

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When working in the shop, many clients come and ask for help to their pets and how they could support their health with supplements and natural products.

BioStrath is an excellent natural herbal product that gives support for the immune system and energy levels of a dog. It make the fur shiny and healthy. BioStrath suits perfectly for a little puppy that need support in growing or for an ageing dog for extra power. For a recovering pet it will give an extra support to get well and it will make sure the appetite stays on a healthy level.

Omega-3 supplement, for example liquid fish oil, supports the joint and heart health of a pet. It makes the fur shiny and paws soft. It’s been proved that dogs with behavioural problems will benefit from omega-3 as well, for example nervous, timid or aggressive dogs.

For joint health there are various different combination products available. Main ingredients are usually glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and MSM that give support for the cartilages and reduce inflammation in the joint area. Green lipped mussel oil is something that I would especially recommend for joint and spine health of an ageing dog. They might make an elderly dog run and play like when they were young.

Bach’s Rescue remedy drops are a great help for a nervous and scared dog or a dog that has anxiety problems. It is also a nice support against nervousness in an exhibition or if you are competing with your dog – for both: the dog and the owner. In anxiety and excitement problems also oat and passion flower extract work really well. A plant extract is easy to give in drops with some food or a treat.

Every dog owner is aware of the digestion and stomach problems that our pets have. A dog will benefit of a probiotic supplement that can be sprinkled on its food or given as a capsule. For heart burning and acid problems I would recommend a milk thistle product. In heart burning problems we got our own great results with the milk thistle. I added a teaspoon of crushed seed powder on the evening meal of Nero and the acid problem was gone after a few days. It’s important to give the milk thistle for the night because liver is the organ that needs to be treated and it is cleansing and activated during the night.

For treating skin problems and cleansing the skin I would recommend the colloidal silver water. It ensures that no bacteria, virus or fungus can effect the wounded area.

As you offer yourself quality food, exercise and rest in good balance, remember to do the same with your pet as well.

Wishing you happy and merry moments together!
Tiina R
Anni’s Vital Shop


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