Natura Malaga 2018


Last weekend there was the annual Natura Malaga, which is a fair for ecological, organic, healthy and sustainable products and healing methods. Altogether 150 companies were representing their products and services, 40 of them with ecological certification. All day long there were interesting lectures on different topics – from holistic approach to heart diseases to baby massage and mindfulness yoga.

Fairs are a good way to introduce new things and find out what is trendy at the moment and what kind of products there are on the market.

Below you can find some snapshots of this year’s Natura Malaga.


So delicious!


So many new food products, especially for vegans as well for persons who need to be glutenfree or sugarfree.


Fabulous recycle ideas!


That bag is simply gorgeous!


Calming & peaceful moments.


2 responses to “Natura Malaga 2018

  1. Bergur Sigmundsson

    Hi there

    Do you sell Nutrilenk from Mezina.If you do what is the price of 180pcs glass

    Með kærri kveðju

    Bergur M. Sigmundsson



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