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Case story: My journey with Oolong

One day, I walked into Anni´s Vital Shop, asked for a tea which could help me reduce weight in my tummy area. I was recommended Oolong Tea.

I started taking one cup in the morning after my breakfast and one later between late afternoon and dinner time, following the indications given, and enjoying the Oolong Tea which I like very much.

In-between I also drink water. Doing some sports will help too, but if you are not a sport fan, you can do some walking.

The main part of the story is the interesting fact that I was 72 kg. when I started taking the Oolong tea, and now I am only 67kg, all in only two months. Please try it, if you wish to loose weight around your waist, and when the miracle occurs, please let us know. Regards Stella.

Facts about Oolong tea

Oolong tea has a flowery aroma, mild flavour with absolutely no bitterness. It is sometimes known as Blue tea, being halfway between a green and black tea. The production process involves partially fermenting the tea leaves then steaming them to capture the slightly smoky and subtly rich flavour.

Scientific studies have found that it can aid with slimming by increasing metabolism, burning fat and blocking dietary fat absorption.

Delicious any time of day but often drunk after mealtimes as a digestive tea.