Self-Care, Hope, and Love

By Anni Dahms, Owner of the retail chain ANNI’s VITAL SHOP.
Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

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We now find ourselves in the most beautiful late summer month, which marks the entrance to the darker months with cold and unstable weather.

Despite the laws that have made masks mandatory here in Spain, and has started to take hold in many other countries, has it for a time been possible for many of us to displace the memory of the corona crisis.

The everyday is again at our doorstep. Children and young people are starting school and educations. The adults, which are employed, start again, whilst the hunt for a new job intensifies among those who wish to work. Many of us have been taking it easy in regard to our health during the summer. We have filled ourselves with food and drink together with our families and friends, and simply enjoyed life to its fullest.

Now comes the time where we have to find our discipline and ensure proper self-care, so we can be prepared for the dark months. It might sound egotistical to put such an emphasis on self-care, but when you take proper care of yourself, then you will more energy for your jobs, family, and personal connections. We have to strengthen our immune system in every possible way. We still live in a world suffering from a pandemic, with plenty of threats and insecurities. This pandemic threatens our lives, health, and economy. We have no idea what the future might bring us. Even though we fear for our future, is it essential to relax and reduce our anxiety levels. We have to do the best we can, to become calm and relaxed in order to have good and joyful days. Make sure you get outside every day and have some wonderful experiences mixed with laughter and joy.

Arthur Brooke once said that love is the best medicine against fear. When you are the most fearful, make sure to invite love into your life. Receive it and pass it along. Even if you only send out light and love into the world a few minutes a day. To pass care and love along will also improve your own health. Studies have shown that providing care for others will improve your health, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and nervousness as well as increase your feeling of wellbeing. Make sure that when you talk to people, that the talks are about wonderful and positive topics instead of the current stressful situation, even though it might be hard during these times. Research has shown that even talking about stressful topics can affect us and drain our mental and emotional vitality. 

The diet

One of my favorite authors, the late Florence Scovel Shinn, writes in his book the secret door to success “We hear a lot about balanced diets, but if you do not have a balanced mind, then you cannot digest what you eat, calories or not.” She furthermore writes: “No person who cares for their body can allow themselves to wallow in hatred”.

Wise words written by this wonderful author in 1940, when the world was also facing a crisis.

Your body functions best with a good diet

It is also known to be able to help with inflammations and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

You can use it anywhere, as dressings for your salads, in your smoothies, over your bread, or in your sauce. You are only limited by your imagination. Using plenty of olive oil is good for your heart, brain, and the entire body.

You can also use it to roast your food, but the heat changes its chemical structure and its healing powers are reduced.

Once when I was on a trip to Mexico I for unknown reasons became terribly constipated. I had to go to the pharmacy, but nothing helped, until I thought of my beloved olive oil. I bought a bottle of the most expensive and highest quality and took four teaspoons. It helped in the most wonderful way, and during the rest of my vacation I had four teaspoons every day.

Avoid all forms of sugar. It can easily raise havoc with your blood sugar and thereby make you become stressed more easily. If you need something sweet, then you might use some honey or a bit of coconut sugar. A mashed banana is also a good sweetener for different kinds of cooking. It is by far the best to stick to a balanced ecological whole wheat diet.

If you consume dairy products, then make sure you get them ecological. I personally find it easier to digest ecological products from goats and I think it tastes quite wonderful.

You should primarily eat alkaline-forming foods. It helps you stay disease-free.

Make sure you drink plenty of water of a high quality. If you drink wine, then drink one glass of water for every glass of wine. The same goes if you enjoy a lovely cup of coffee.

Dietary supplements

Beyond a good and balanced diet there are supplements, which can help your immune system.

  • Your liver has perhaps been over worked with too much poor food and drinks during the summer. If your liver is suffering, then it can be difficult to absorb all the good dietary supplements. Therefore, it might be a good idea to take a detox for the liver. If your liver is suffering, then your immune system is as well. The late A. Vogel wrote in one of his books, that if you have a strong and healthy liver then it is difficult to fall victim to disease. If you belong to the older generation, then your liver function will be reduced, so it becomes especially important to clean and care for it. The liver is the organ in the body, that works the hardest.
    Products with milk thistle are well known and indispensable aids for the liver. Many of the products have other liver empowering remedies, such as artichoke, turmeric, and choline.
  • Choline is officially known as phosphatidylcholine. Besides helping with brain function and memory does phosphatidylcholine also help with liver function, especially if your liver is damaged by alcohol. Experiments have been conducted on rats with liver damage and within 30 hours did their liver start to regenerate.
  • It is important to take a supplement of a good multivitamin/mineral product. Make sure that your choice contains as many vitamins and minerals as possible, as well as being easily absorbable. There exist multivitamins for every type, meat eater, vegetarians, vegans, children, and adults.
  • It is essential with good fats. It is necessary both for brain and nervous system function. Find your own balance between omega 3 – 6 – 7 – 9 oils.
  • To boost your immune system, you can preferably supplement with vitamin-C. Find your individual need. I personally take three grams daily, whilst my son feels the best with just one gram. If you feel a cold is looming, then you may want to increase your dosage and reduce it again once the danger has passed.
  • You can preferably take an extra supplement of vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is an extraordinary immune system booster.
  • You may also want to supplement with extra zinc.
  • Echinacea is great, both as a preventive and as a treatment, perhaps in combination with elderberries.
  • Kan Jang is personal favorite of mine, as an aid for the winter’s infections. I have discovered that if I take it in time with an increased dosage of vitamin-C can it stop one of the common infections I sometimes get in the winter. Kan Jan consists of Andrographis Paniculata (green chiretta) and Siberian ginseng.


I believe we all carry hope in our hearts, that we are slowly waking up to a day where we feel that the world is heading in the right direction. Most of us sense that our precious mother earth is going through incredible changes on all levels. It feels both exciting and challenging, and we have to curiously follow along to the best of our ability.

One thing I have learned, is that thoughts are incredibly powerful, and that each one of us contain much more power than we can fathom.

All of us do not need to go out and revolutionize the world, but as the Danish saying goes “small streams make great rivers”.

The thing each and every one of us can do, is to live in a way that makes it the best possible experience for all of us and spread joy and light to our surroundings, perhaps with kind words or thoughts. The self-care you can give yourself could be being satisfying with your everyday, love yourself, and be your own best friend. Do not demand too much from what you should do with your day. We all screw up once in a while. It is part of being human. Learn to say, “Oh well” and decide that tomorrow you will do it a little bit better.

Avoid Stress, and every day you should make sure you do something that makes you happy and satisfied.

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