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Essential oils to rescue the summer


Summer is coming and bringing light, heat, and life with it. Various seasonal challenges are emerging at the same time – Mosquitoes wake up to otherwise enjoyable summer evenings, ants conquer the kitchen cupboards or tables and the skin may react to the burning rays of the sun.

I graduated as an aromatherapist 15 years ago, since then essential oils have followed me everywhere. Essential oils used in aromatherapy are made of flowers, leaves, fruit, leaves, and roots. In addition to relaxing massage technique, the heart of aromatherapy treatment is the mixed oil blend based on the interview and the goals of the client.

Therapeutic, clean oils have both physical and emotional effects – they can either relax, revive, enhance mood or, for example, help muscle tension, support immunity, help control high blood pressure, balance and cleanse the skin. In addition to massage, oils can be used at home in a diffuser, bath water or a few drops of your favorite scent can be used under the armpit with some coconut oil instead of deodorant. Also in the home cleaning a few drops of essential oil in the filter of a vacuum cleaner or mixed in the floor washing water to give a natural, clean and fresh scent for the whole house. Some essential oils can also be used internally, for example, to calm down digestive problems or to remove unwanted bugs.

Essential oils to repel mosquitos & other insects

With the summer heat, various insects become alive and start to disturb our summer fun. Essential oils can be used against them – safely, naturally and non-toxic. Lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, mint and tea tree oils are excellent for insect depletion. You can mix the scents of your choice either in a spray bottle in boiled and cooled water or in a base oil, with a ratio of 1:15. Some suitable base oils for skin are e.g. cold pressed coconut, jojoba, almond, argan or olive oil. Pure essential oils are mainly recommended to use diluted, but if a mosquito has already managed to bite you, then a drop of pure lavender or tea tree oil applied directly into the area will calm the itching and disinfect the skin area preventing it from inflaming.

Essential oils to repel ticks

A green grass or a beautiful flower meadow is also a home for the ticks. A good idea is to eat a clove of garlic every day if you know the area you’re on has ticks in there. You can add some essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus and lime on your boots and legs. Also, a dog’s fur can be sprayed with diluted lavender oil. Remember that a dog has a very sensitive nose and smell compared to humans.

Essential oils to repel ants

The little ants sometimes roam their path through our gardens, terraces or kitchens. Most of us don’t like it really – so it’s good to know they don’t like cinnamon, clove or mint. Powdered spices can be sprinkled on their paths or essential oils sprayed as diluted with water.

Essential oils for sunburns

If you spend time relaxing in the sunshine for more than a half an hour, remember to protect your skin with sunscreen. If it already happened and the skin becomes red and hot in the evening, gently spread some aloe vera gel with a few drops of lavender oil on to the burning area. The skin will calm down quickly and the burned area will not peel off after a few days. Also, take 1000-1500 mg of vitamin C if you got the skin burned. It works as an antioxidant, protects the cells and helps to calm down the skin for the following day.

Have a sunny, warm and relaxing summer everyone!

Tiina Rouvali



Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an ancient plant with soothing properties. It originally comes from the region of Sudan. The health benefits of Aloe Vera are known for over 6000 years, but my first experience with it was only a few years back when I was doing the daily grocery shopping in The Whole Foods in South Beach. I had been in Miami for a while and as a result of an active outdoor life there, I had a deep tan. A man in the flower department of the store recommended me to buy a plant called Aloe Vera and cut a leaf of this succulent, and use the liquid coming out of it as body lotion. He said that my tan would last longer and that Aloe vera would help my skin to maintain healthy and have a beautiful glow. I was immediately sold – who wouldn’t want to have a healthy, glowy complexion.

Later on I found out that there are plenty of different kinds of Aloe Vera products on the market. There are own products for internal and external use, and they can be in the forms of gel, juice and capsule.

So Aloe Vera boosts the health of skin, but it also has a lot of other benefits such as:

Helps body in detoxification

  • especially in cleaning the liver from waste

Treats constipation

  • Aloe Vera consists a lot of water, which helps in waste removal

Manages diabetes

  • helps lowering the chronically high levels of blood sugar

Reduces cholesterol levels

  • especially reducing triglyceride levels

Supports immune system

  • Aloe vera contains antioxidant and has antimicrobial properties

Works as dental remedy

  • removes plaque from teeth and prevents bacteria in the month

Reduces inflammation

  • relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and joint related inflammation

Heals Burns

  • allows the skin naturally cool and breathe

Eases menstrual pain

  • reduces overall pain load

Relieves heartburn

  • neutralizes excess acidity and discomfort


My TOP 5 Aloe Vera products


  1. Aloe Vera spray by Avivir

It’s handy to carry in bag as it’s not a huge bottle. It soothes, cools and revitalises the skin.


2.  Aloe Vera gel with Tea Tree by AloePura

This gel with natural antiseptic tea tree oil moisturizes, softens and helps restore dry & damage skin without breaking a bank. Perfect for stretch marks, sun burn and chapped skin.


3. Aloe Vera drink by Avivir

It helps to detoxify the body and promotes health and regular bowel movements.


4. Aloe Vera toothpaste with Q10 and Tea Tree Oil

Only natural ingredients maintaining healthy gums. No fluoride!


5. Citrus & Aloe Vera green tea by Clipper

Such a refreshing drink during the summer months.

PS. I just had to add this rich & foamy Aloe Vera soap to my list too!



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