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By Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

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“Come, dear May, and turn the trees green again,” was originally written by the German poet C. A. Overbeck, and describes exactly the feelings of joy I have for my favorite month. May—I appreciate it more than all the other 11 months.
Obviously, this has something to do with the fact that my birthday is in this month. This year I will turn 75, so it felt appropriate that this month’s article should be about aging. I have entered the battle, and I really like it. Within the framework, the limits, and the possibilities I have, am I doing my best to stay in shape and remain youthful.
A dear friend of mine (she is a healer) told me a couple of days ago that “old age is multifaceted, and it’s easy to feel unsafe. Many people feel anxiety, and if you are weak and sick, then it may easily lead to depression. If, additionally, you are given chemical medication, it can quickly go downhill.”

Indeed, old age is indeed in many ways multifaceted. We cannot change the date on our birth certificate, but it is up to the individual to decide how we relate to our age and our life-conditions.
I am a huge admirer of the recently deceased Stephen Hawking. Not because I understood much of his science, but because he, despite his severe disabilities, tirelessly passed on his vast knowledge and beliefs about the universe. Furthermore, he has is the source of many quotes, from which books have been written. One of his quotes, which I myself have taken to heart, is, “never stop working!”. It can easily be argued that he lived by this quote, as he was active and passionate about what he did to the very end.


Personally, I love my work, and I intend to keep doing it until the day that I am no longer here.
When I feel that I can contribute and make a difference, it makes me light-hearted and happy. I am forced to stay reasonable fit, a task my two dogs are sure to maintain, considering we walk 6 – 8 kilometers daily.


It is important to stay creative. I do this by staying updated professionally and writing. I love my craft, which is both my work and my largest hobby. Custumers and my staff also motivate me. It is expected that my knowledge of our computer system is adequate, but I am often met with friendly smirks when I cannot quite keep up. However, I do try my best. If the staff is a little sassy about my lack of speed and efficiency with IT work, I always say that I am from the era where only the richest people owned a telephone.
I can say, with total conviction, that I believe that everyone is better off when they interact with every age group.

The diet 

It is important to take good care of your body, and to be conscious about eating and drinking healthy. Remember to drink water, it is a cheap and powerful cleansing technique. Many studies have shown that our thirst lessens with age. Because of this we often don’t get enough water and can easily get dehydrated. This can lead to a myriad of symptoms, such as headaches, constipation, tiredness, and dry skin. Our bodies are made up of ¾ water, so drink at least a couple of liters a day. Remember that soda, coffee, and tea are not a suitable substitute for water.



Make sure that your food is fresh and preferably ecological. When you cook, treat your ingredients with love. Give yourself time to prepare your food properly.

When, many years ago, I attended a kinesiology school, we were given the loveliest breakfast. If the cook was in a good mood, the food was an absolute delight, but if she was angry, the food tasted quite flat and sad.
We send out more of our emotions, than we think.
In this part of the world we tend to die from the sicknesses related to aging, rather than actual old age itself. By eating healthy and clean, we can reduce or postpone ailments such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, sickness in the joints, and a poor immune system.
I personally believe that how you eat your food is almost as important as what you eat. When the food is in front of you, try and just sit for a moment and look at it, perhaps consider being thankful that you have the possibility to eat such delicious food. This will allow the most import digestive secretions in your body to start their production in the mouth. Eat slowly and chew your food properly before you swallow. When you feel full, stop eating. Put down your fork and knife between every bite.
Make sure that you eat in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Do not seek refuge in comfort food when you are stressed or nervous. You can easily eat too much poor food, which can increase your weight, and that is when the evil cycle starts to appear.
I discourage eating or drinking foods from the microwave.




Dietary supplements

I am a firm believer that if you eat a healthy and balanced diet and combine it with quality supplements, you have a higher chance of maintaining your vitality as you age.
Make sure to get a good multivitamin/mineral product. Vitamins are necessary for your health. In my opinion we need larger dosages than the official healthcare institutes recommend.

  • It is important to consume vitamin-B. Many people suffer from vitamin-B deficiency. This is largely caused by how our food industry’s pre-processes our food, and the overconsumption of stimulants, like sugar, alcohol, coffee, and medicine.
    A lack of vitamin-B can give the symptoms of sleeplessness, tiredness, a poor immune defense, edema, digestive problems, and nervousness.
  • When you get older, make sure that you get an extra supplement of B12. It is considered to be the vitamin most affected by aging. There have been studies which have shown that roughly 20% of all people over the age of 65, suffers from B12 deficiency. It is a vitamin that provides calm and balance and helps maintain the mental faculties. An ordinary blood test on B12 levels, cannot always be trusted, as it does not show the cell’s contents of B12. B12 works closely with folic acid and can therefore effectively be taken together.
  • Q10 is an antioxidant, which have shown to improve the heart muscle’s function. It is found in all the cells of the body and is an essential part of the cells energy production. Q10 can assist in strengthening the heart and other functions in the body. If you are given statins, then Q10 can help reduce the side effects.
  • Vitamin-E is called the youth vitamin. It helps make the blood flow better and has great importance for your heart and circulatory system.
  • Many elderly people notice that they are easier irritated and are more prone to stress and panic attacks. This often involves problems sleeping. It can be a sign that our happiness hormone, serotonin, is dropping, which it often does with age. If you don’t have sufficient serotonin, it can affect your memory. To make the brain produce sufficient amounts of serotonin, it might be a good idea to take a supplement of tryptophan. Tryptophan aids in normalizing your levels of serotonin.
  • Lecithin is a fat found in all living cells. Lecithin has a great importance for our brain and nervous system. A component in lecithin called choline, can aid in securing a healthy memory and protect against dementia.


  • Make sure to keep fit by training physically. It should be a training that you like, which makes you happy and keeps you flexible, both physically and mentally. Even if, at times, it feels difficult, you should make sure to surround yourself with people who respect you, and who see you as a person, and not as some being, where the focus is on your birth certificate. This can often prove difficult in our culture.
  • Try to create cheerfulness every day. There is nothing as life affirming and healthy as laughter coming all the way from your belly.
  • Stay vital and happy. Be aware of keeping a youthful mind and let love have a place in your heart.
  • Perhaps we should learn to say “Oh well” when something does not go exactly as we have planned.
  • Remember to play and stay in the present. It could be with your pets, your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren. Perhaps bring them to a lovely amusement park and enjoy watching them jump around whilst you relax on a lovely bench. You can’t go on the rollercoaster – not because you are old, but because you don’t want to; there is a big difference.
  • Be sure to create great experiences for yourself. If you like to dance, then let it become a delightful hobby. It is great for both body, soul, and memory.
  • We cannot change our chronological age, but instead of complaining about the difficulties our age brings, we can make our best effort to maintain our vitality and joy of life, so that we live the best possible life, both emotionally and physically.



All photos by Tiina Arminen.


5 favourite health products by Heidi




Pienet chia siemenet ovat todella ravinnerikkaita, ja sisältävät paljon proteiinia, vitamiineja, antioksidantteja, kuitua sekä omega-3-rasvahappoja. Hinta-laatusuhde on myös näissä supersiemenissä, jotka sisältävät edelle mainittujen lisäksi paljon sinkkiä, magnesiumia sekä A-,B- ja E-vitamiineja, erittäin hyvä. Meillä Anni`s Vital Shopissa 500 gramman pussi luomu chian siemeniä maksaa vain 4,89 euroa, ja siitä riittää pariksi kuukaudeksi siemeniä smoothieen tai aamupuuroon. Jotta chian siemenet imeytyisi mahdollisimman hyvin ja kaikki ravinteet saisi parhaiten kehon käyttöön, olisi hyvä liottaa siemeniä nesteessä vähintään puoli tuntia tai vaikka koko yön. Itse käytän liotettuja chian siemeniä smoothien joukossa tai tuorepuuron aineosana.



Kurkuma on paitsi mauste myös useita terveysvaikutuksia sisältävä kirkkaan oranssi juurikasvi. Kurkuman sisältämä kurkumiini estää hiljaista tulehdusta kehossa, vähentää mahan turvotusta ja närästysoireita, vahvistaa elimistön puolustusjärjestelmää, ja tätä kautta ehkäisee ja hoitaa flunssaa. Myōs kipujen hoidossa kurkuma on hyvä apu, ja sitä voidaankin pitää luonnollisena särkylääkkeenä. Itse lisään kurkumajauhetta smoothien sekaan sekä laitan ruokaan mausteeksi. Flunssan hoitona olen juonut kurkumateetä.



Itse olen kasvissyöjä, ja käytän vain hieman maitotuotteita kuten juustoa, ja siksi b12-vitamiinin tarpeeni ei tule täyteen ruokavaliolla. Myös useat kasvivoittoista ruokavaliota noudattavien tulisi varmistaa b12-vitamiinin saanti joko monivitamiinilla tai esimerkiski b12-suihkeella, jolloin b12-vitamiini imeytyy hyvin suun limakalvojen kautta elimistöön. B12-vitamiinin puutosoireita ovat mun muassa anemia, uupumus, hengästyminen sekä erilaiset hermoston oireet kuten sormien tunnottomuus.



Maitohappobakteerit eli ne elimistön “hyvät bakteerit” ovat erittäin tärkeitä niin ruoansulatuselimistön hyvinvoinnin kannalta kuin useiden sairauksien ehkäisyssä ja hoidossa. Itse käytän päivittäin maitohappobakteereita ja otan kapselin tai kaksi ennen nukkumaan menoa, ja flunssakaudella ja mahaoireiden ilmaantuessa lisään niiden määrää entisestään. Maitohappobakteereita saa kapselien lisäksi nestemäisessä muodossa, rouheissa sekä joistain ruoka-aineista kuten hapanmaitotuotteista ja hapankaalista. Maitohappobateereita käytetään muutaman mainitakseni antibioottikuurin aikana suojaamaan suolistoa, useiden mahaoireiden kuten ripulin, ummetuksen, ruoansulatushäiriöiden hoidossa, ruoka-aineallergioiden ehkäisyssä ja hoidossa, vastustuskyvyn lisäämisessä ja flunssan ehkäisyssä. Nykyään tiedetäänkin, että vastustuskyky lähtee suolistosta, ja sen hyvinvoinnilla on vaikutusta koko kehoon, ja jopa mieleen kuten masennuksen sekä ahdistuksen hoidossa.



Spirulina on melkoinen superkasvi ja se onkin yksi ravinnerikkaimpia aineita maailmassa. Spirulina on makean veden levä ja sisältää kaikkia ihmisen tarvitsemia aminohappoja, ja sen painosta onkin 60% proteiinia. Spirulina on myös melkoinen luonnon oma “monivitamiini”, jossa on muun muassa A-, E- ja B-ryhmän vitamiineja sekä mineraaleista rautaa, jodia, magnesiumia ja kalsiumia. Se myös puhdistaa kehoa ja vahvistaa vastustsukykyä sekä siitä saa antioksidantti beetakaroteenia, joka suojelee ihoa UV-säteiltä ja edesauttaa ruskettumista. Spirulinaa saa niin kapseleina kuin jauheena, ja itse käytän spirulinaa jauhemuodossa ja sekoitan sitä smoothieen, johon olen laittanut omenamehua peittämään spirulinan hieman vahvaa makua.


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Tiny chia seeds are really rich in nutrition, and contain a lot of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and omega-3. The quality-price ratio in these super seeds with zink, magnesium and vitamins A, B and E  as well is excellent. At Anni`s Vital Shop we have a 500g package of organic chia seeds for only €4,89, and it lasts a couple of months. To get the maximum benefits of chia seeds, it’s good to soak the seeds in water or other liquid at least for a half an hour or even for the whole night. I add soaked chia seeds to smoothies and raw porridges.



Turmeric is a spice but this distinctive yellow root has a plenty of health benefits.  Curcumin prevents silent inflamation in body, reduces swelling and irritation of the stomach, strenghtens the defence system of body, and thus prevents and treats the flu.    Turmeric is also a good aid in pain and can be considered as a natural painkiller. I add turmeric powder to smoothies and use it as a seasoning in cooking. When havng a flu I drink turmeric tea.



I’m a vegetarian and using only little bit of dairy products such as cheese. This means that I am easily lacking vitamin B12. Most of the people whose daily diet is mainly consisting vegetables have this same problem and should therefor make sure they get enough vitamin B12. Taking a multivitamin capsule is a good choice. Also by taking B12 orally in spray form ensures that the vitamin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia, fatigue, exhaustion and also different sort of neurological symptons such as numbness in the hands.



Probiotics – those “good bacteria” in our body – are so essential for the well-being of our digestive system, and also preventing and treating diseases. I take one or two capsules daily before going to sleep. During the flu season or when having stomachache, I increase the daily dose. You can get probiotics also in liquid form and in groats as well as in some food such as in sour milk products and sauerkraut. Probiotics are used to protect  the intestines while taking antibiotics, treat several stomachaches such as diarrhoea,  constipation and indigestion, prevent and treat food allergy, improve immune system and prevent catching a flu. Nowadays we know that the well-being of our intestines affects to our whole body, and even to our mind. So upset stomach can cause depression and anxiety.



Spirulina is a real super food, and one of the most nutritious stuffs in the world. Spirulina is algae from tropical lakes, and consists all the amino acids that a human body needs. 60% of its weight is protein. Spirulina is also a kind of nature’s own “multivitamin” with vitamins A, E and B as well as minerals such as iron, iodine, magnesium and calcium. It also cleanse the body and  strengthens immune system. It provides beta carotene which is an antioxidant and therefor protects the skin from UV rays and supports tanning. There are spirulina capsules and powder. I prefer the powder form which is easy to mix with smoothies. Spirulina has a bit strong flavour, so I like to add apple juice to smoothies to hide that taste.


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